Holiday Homes in Apulia

mediation with buying a house in ApuliaIt is now possible to assist you when looking for a property in Apulia.

This is usually a time-consuming matter and we can help you to reduce that.

With my help you do save a lot of time in your quest and I also make appointments with realtors and owners so that your time here will be fully exploited.

Take in account that popular houses, near the sea, with a swimming pool etc. from May to September are often rented to tourists and it will not be possible to view the houses, unless on the changeover day or if it happens to be free for a week.

It is important to make an inventory in advance of the type of house you are looking for and where and what the budget is.

If you want to know the conditions of mediation, contact me.

buying trulli and lamia in Apulia


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